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Goldfish pond

Deep bezels invite you to work in many layers to achieve a great 3D effect. I used small stones and stickers to create this small goldfish pond. Deep frames, however, are not that simple, because there‘s the risk that the metal expands due to the heat and air is drawn into the resin. So be patient, it’s worth it! ?

Short Instructions:

  1. Mix Blue Pigment with thin UV resin.
  2. Fill a bit of colored UV resin in the bezel and spread it to the border.
  3. Arrange the pebbles.
  4. Flash cure with the UV torch and let the bezel cool down a bit.
  5. Fill the bezel with some more UV resin and spread it.
  6. Flash cure with the UV torch and let the bezel cool down a bit.
  7. Put a sticker on the layer.
  8. Repeat step 5-7 until the bezel is full.
  9. Dome with thick UV resin.

How to dome correctly is explained here in the blog.

Used materials:

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