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UV Harz Shaker, Halbmond, Halloween Anhänger von PixieCrafting

Halloween Shaker

The Halloween Box includes a shaker mold, and of course, I have a tutorial for you! Many crafters use epoxy for the shaker body, but it’s also possible with UV resin only. The mold has an indent for the hole, through which you can add liquid.

A few tips on the way:

  • Cure the shaker body slowly (longer with the UV flashlight) ?.
  • If you have our soft UV resin, you can add it to the hard one and it will shrink less (tested up to a ratio of 50/50 after it cools it will not bend ?).
  • It works better with dark/solid colors ? (because it takes longer to cure).
  • Cut the transparent sheet slightly smaller than the body ✂️.
  • Do not forget to close the hole with UV resin ? . If you have our precision bottles it will be easy and tidy.
  • You can use distilled water, baby oil, silicone oil, mineral oil, bone oil as the liquid?.
  • Take your time⏳!
  • You can also use no liquid at all and craft a dry shaker, if you shake it, it will rattle, which fits Halloween perfectly ?!

What have you crafted with the Halloween Box? Have fun and show us your creations on Instagram with the hashtag #pixiecrafting

The following materials were used:

or alternatively:

additionally, you need:

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