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Halloween bezels

For these inspirations for the Halloween box, I only used material included in the box. Orange, purple and the glow-in-the-dark Black are just perfect for Halloween! ? These six bezels are really cute as well – with the full-color spectrum you certainly have even more options, and I will post more examples before Halloween!

Short instructions:

  1. Stick the bezel(s) on the tape.
  2. Mix clear UV resin with Orange, Lilac and Black phosphorescent pigment.
  3. Spread the colored UV resin in the bezel.
  4. Cure with the UV torch.
  5. (if black phosphorescent) Finish curing it in the UV nail lamp on both sides.
  6. Repeat beginning with step 3 for the other colors.
  7. Apply another layer of clear UV resin.
  8. (optional) Place small golden inlays in it.
  9. Cure with the UV torch.
  10. Finish curing it in the UV nail lamp.

Used materials:

  • Halloween Box
  • UV box (or the sun) – any 36 watt UV nail lamp
  • baking paper and tooth stick to mix

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