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One Year PixieCrafting

PixieCrafting turned one this year. What a journey, what an adventure.

Our mission

Just a bit over a year ago, we decided to do more with our UV resin hobby. Above all, we wanted to make it your hobby and want as many people as possible to love it as much as we do.

We have made it our goal to be a partner for you hobbyists who is there for you and your questions. We do not leave you alone with our products, we want you to make the most beautiful and wonderful pieces of jewelry out of them, be happy with your works and let your creativity run free.

Our engagement

After a year of PixieCrafting, we still stand behind this mission and are proud of the love and work we have put into fulfilling it.

Seeing is believing. That’s why we were traveled some last year. The HaruCon and the Long Night of the Museums in Klagenfurt, the Mosticon in Amstetten and the Magic Fantastic Family Weekend in Vienna were highlights for us and we were very happy to make it possible for hundreds of people to work with UV resin and discover their creative side.

But we also wanted to be there for those we could not get to know at conventions and fairs. That’s why, with over 50 blog posts and 24 video tutorials, we put a lot of passion in learning materials for beginners. Not only for our customers but freely accessible to all who are interested in the hobby.

Our Shop

One year ago we started small and since then we have constantly expanded our product range. Glass orbs and bottles, glue on caps, many new silicone molds, pigments, and new resins have filled our shop with over 1000 items. We listen to the wishes of our customers and look for the latest and prettiest articles for you.

However, we are particularly proud of our themed boxes. Our boxes have accompanied you through the seasons, so there was always something to tinker with. In painstaking detail and drinking a lot of matcha tea, we regularly crush our pixie heads, so that the next topic box is still a treasure, with which you have a lot of fun and can really use everything to craft your pieces.

New year, new strength

Thank you for all the praise and positive energy you are constantly giving us. This gives us new strength and shows us that we are on the right track with our goal. As a small thank you there are two discount codes that are valid until 15.08.2019:

5 € on a 50 € order with the code: yeeey50
10 € on a 100 € order with the code: yeeey100
Each code can only be used once per customer.

Thanks for your trust,
Christine and the Pixie helpers

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