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Small Turtles

The weather at the moment is not so good, so I take it upon myself to let some summer feeling arise! In this video, I fill small turtles with colored resin and other materials. Most of it is contained in the ocean box ??! Tip to do better than me – I should not have stuck all turtles on one tape, it’s obvious now in hindsight that resin can run out somewhere. Better cut the tape again and then press each turtle on firmly on a different one! You can still repair/clean them well though – this process is shown in the second video below. ? I didn’t stay in the middle of the picture, sorry about that – the cleaning video was done for beginners and is therefore only at twice the speed ?

As usual, please enable the captions for English subtitles!

What will you craft with the Ocean Box? Have fun and show us your creations on Instagram with the hashtag #pixiecrafting

The following materials were used:

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additionally, you need:


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