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Witching Hour

These little ghosts are doing their nonsense at my house since today !! ?

Quick start guide

  1. Mix thin UV resin with noctilucent pigment and very little green and yellow pigment. The pigment should be as transparent as possible so that the light can still charge the night-glowing pigment.
  2. Distribute in the bezel and harden with UV lamp.
  3. Harden in the UV box on both sides!
  4. (Left ghost) Mix UV resin with black resin and apply face – then cure with UV lamp.
  5. (Right ghost) Set decoration to mind onto ghost..
  6. Apply and distribute thick UV resin.
  7. (Right ghost) Move the decoration to your liking.
  8. Move decoration to your liking. Fix with a UV flashlight and then harden in the UV box.

Used materials

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