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Alice Rabbit with pocket watch

I’m late, I’m late! For the very important date! ? Do not worry that much, white rabbit! ?

All materials for this pendant are included in the Alice Box – except the varnish pen used for the dial on the small pocket watch. The watch is glued to the rabbit bezel.

Short instructions:

  1. Mix thin UV resin with the pigments white and strawberry.
  2. Graduate strawberry separately with white and blue pigment for light pink and dark purple.
  3. Pour a bit colored resin in the bezel, distribute and cure it at will.
  4. Repeat with the other colors until the bezel is full. It’s best to start with dark purple and work your way up in layers. If a border does not look clean, you can easily cover it up in a new layer.
  5. Finally, allow to harden completely on both sides in the UV lamp.
  6. Put some clear thin UV resin in the frame and distribute.
  7. Add the heart crystal and eye to the liquid layer.
  8. Cure with the UV flashlight and harden it in the nail lamp.
  9. Fill the small pocket watch with white resin and cure it.
  10. Draw the watch dial with a varnish pen.
  11. Apply a clear coat and place the rhinestone. You can also use thick UV resin if your pocket watch should be puffy.
  12. Fix with the UV flashlight.
  13. (optional) Roughen the back of the pocket watch with a file.
  14. Stick the pocket watch with UV resin on the rabbit’s arm.
  15. Cure with the UV lamp and let it harden completely in the nail lamp.

Used materials:

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