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Alice tea party pendant

This beautiful bezel is also included in the Alice Box! ? It’s not that easy to craft, because it does not lie flat. Therefore, I recommend using a silicone mold that has holes in the right places as support. I like to use the silicone mold ‘charms’ from our shop. I wanted the background to be as psychedelic as possible, and I always think of purple and lilac, but you can totally use other colors. ?

Short instructions:

  1. Mix UV resin with Purple and Lilac.
  2. (optional) Add mixed sized glitter to the resin.
  3. Alternating drop the different colored resin in the bezel as the background for Alice.
  4. Cure with the UV flashlight.
  5. Mix UV resin with black Pigment.
  6. Drop the resin in the Alice silhouette and spread it to get a thin layer.
  7. Cure with the UV flashlight and harden it in the nail lamp on both sides.
  8. Fill some clear UV resin in the silhouette and distribute it.
  9. Add some golden iridescent glitter in the liquid resin and spread it.
  10. Cure with the UV flashlight.
  11. Mix UV resin with the pigment Strawberry.
  12. Use the colored resin to fill the rest of the shapes (teapot, hearts, …).
  13. Cure with the UV flashlight.
  14. Apply a clear coat and distribute it to the border. You can also use thick UV resin if your Alice watch should be puffy.
  15. Cure with the UV flashlight and harden it in the nail lamp.

Used materials:

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