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fromCalico Cat

A friend of mine sat down at my video station and crafted with the cat box. Of course, she chose the fromCalilko cat bezel and she did it perfectly! Probably because she followed the same rules when gambling: save often == cure often ? You can see her mixing up Dark Orange, White and Black to all kind of brown shades. All materials used are included in the cat box.
The designer fromCaliko asks you not to sell this special bezel, only gift it or wear it yourself! ??♀️

What will you craft with the Cat Box? Have fun and show us your creations on Instagram with the hashtag #pixiecrafting

The following materials were used:

additionally, you need

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Cast Cinderella a wonderful dress, create Biests Rose and look forward to hours of crafting fun with the specially selected treasures of the Fairytale box.

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