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Glass bottles

Filling glass bottles with UV resin can yield awesome results fast, but if the bottles can not stand by themselves, you need a good backing. I personally use a silicone mold where the small bottle fits exactly and remains stable. You can of course also hold it in your hand, but to drip the resin inside might be a bit more difficult then. ? Anyway, it needs a steady hand or a good tool for wiping – with the small opening it’s not so easy … practice makes perfect!

You can embellish the bottles on the outside too: simply glue it with UV resin, like this little heart. Inside are colored crushed shells – and clear UV resin. A cute love potion, right?

You can also leave part of the bottle empty. Put a dried flower into the liquid UV resin and harden it while holding it in place, and the flower will stay upright in the bottle forever and ever. ?

You can also work with clear film sheets. I cut the skull out of the Halloween clear film sheet, then dripped a little clear UV resin into the bottle, lied the bottle flat on one side and placed the cutout motif in the clear resin. After fixing it with UV light, you can put the bottle up again and fill it with UV resin. I used green pigment with glitter for this poison potion. A few air bubbles make the “poison” more authentic. ?


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