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Glow-in-the-dark bats

The new black pigment that you get with the Halloween Box or individually in the shop glows eerily green in the dark! ? You can use it in two ways – right after mixing it with UV resin or let it sit a while and then draw patterns. Which bat do you like better?

Short instructions:

  1. Stick the bezel on the tape.
  2. Mix clear UV resin with Black phosphorescent pigment.
  3. (optional) let it sit for approximately 10 minutes
  4. Spread the colored UV resin in the bezel.
  5. (optional) draw a pattern with a tooth stick (only if you let it sit)
  6. Cure with the UV torch.
  7. Finish curing it in the UV nail lamp on both sides.
  8. (optional) Add another layer of clear UV resin and cure it.

Used materials:

  • Halloween Box
  • UV box (or the sun) – any 36 watt UV nail lamp
  • baking paper and tooth stick to mix

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