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small goldfish pond

I can use the crafted fishes from the previous guide immediately, and create a goldfish pond with it. In a bezel from the goldfish box, which is a little deeper, they have enough space to swim comfortably. A dragonfly is passing by on the top level. ?

Short instructions:

  1. Stick the bezel on the tape.
  2. Mix clear UV resin with Blue pigment.
  3. Spread a thin layer of the colored UV resin in the bezel.
  4. Cure with the UV torch.
  5. Add clear UV resin to the bezel.
  6. Distribute the goldfishes in the resin.
  7. Cure with the UV torch.
  8. Add another layer of clear UV resin.
  9. Place the golden dragonfly.
  10. Cure with the UV torch.
  11. Finish curing it in the UV nail lamp.

Used materials:

  • Goldfish Box
  • UV box (or the sun) – any 36 watt UV nail lamp
  • baking paper and tooth stick to mix



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