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Magic circle

We are currently trying western magic. For example, this small magic circle which we can always carry with us. As a magician something like this is absolutely necessary ?

Short instructions:

  1. Mix thin UV resin with white pigment and fill the bezel with it
  2. Spread the UV Harz – with opaque colours it’s important to make sure that there are no bubbles hiding – you can let it sit  while and afterwards pop the bubbles with the lighter
  3. (optional) Put some photochromatic Glitter on the still liquid resin
  4. Cut the desired magical circle from the clear film sheet and slowly let it glide on the still liquid resin
  5. Cure with the UV torch and put it into the nail lamp for 3 minutes
  6. Turn it over and leave it in the nail lamp for another 3 minutes
  7. Spread some thin or thick UV resin on the bezel – if you use thin Dünn- oder dickflüssiges klares UV Harz auf der Lünette verteilen – f you take thin, make sure to keep the layer thin or the resin may  spill over the bezel!
  8. (optional) Place additional ornaments and rhinestones
  9. Cure it with the UV torch and let it harden completely in the nail lamp!

Materials used:

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