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Bunny with color gradient

In this tutorial I craft a cute rabbit bezel, which is currently (Easter 2019) added to each order as a bonus, and at the same time I can show you how to achieve great color gradients with our pigments. You can mix the colors both in the bezel s well as outside, but you can achieve smoother transitions especially for extremely different colors, if you mix many nuances outside the bezel and put one after another in the bezel. This time I only used materials that are part of the Easter box.

What will you craft with the Easter Box? Have fun and show us your creations on Instagram with the hashtag #pixiecrafting

The following materials were used:

or alternatively

additionally you need

  • UV torch
  • UV nail lamp (or the sun): Any 36 watt UV nail lamp
  • siliconetool green, pink und blue (or toothpick)
  • baking paper, sandpaper: in the supermarket

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Fairytale Box

Cast Cinderella a wonderful dress, create Biests Rose and look forward to hours of crafting fun with the specially selected treasures of the Fairytale box.

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