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Moon pendant

Today’s inspiration with brief instructions and material list ? My result looked like this. You can of course vary as you like it.

short instructions:

  1. Mix blue, lilac and white pigments with thin UV resin respectively
  2. Fill and distribute blue and lilac in the bezel (do not mix them)
  3. Apply white resin between blue and purple, make a pattern with a toothpick
  4. Sprinkle glitter in the liquid resin (sparingly)
  5. Cure with UV torch
  6. Apply thick UV resin and distribute it to the edges
  7. Put the metal moon on the resin
  8. Cure with the UV torch
  9. Add thick resin in the small eyelet of the moon
  10. Insert the crystal
  11. Fix with the UV torch and afterwards cure it completely with a UV nail lamp



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