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Dolphin pendant

We got inspired today and made the beautiful dolphin pendant of Tukulot.

Tukulot forms the frame with wire herself, but we are not so good at wire work, so we use our great dolphin bezel! Everything you need to make it, is available in the PixieCrafting Shop:

We take our dolphin bezel and stick it on the tape, so nothing can leak.

I mix a light blue colour with thin UV resin and add some blue mixed glitter to it.

I fill the bezel with it and spread it to the edges. I fix the resin with my UV flashlight. The stains you see in the image either be broken away after curing or be wiped away immediately with baby wipes. I wipe it away 🙂

As the eye of the dolphin I have chosen a golden stone. I fill the rest of the bezel with thick resin (I want a slightly curved surface) and spread it to the edges. Then I fix the resin again briefly with my UV flashlight and cure it completely in my UV nail lamp.

I cut the round metal frame with a pair of pliers.

I put the circle through the eyelet of the dolphin. I can glue it back together with a little UV resin.

I mix some purple pigment into some thick resin and apply it to the circle. I chose thick resin because it does not drip so quickly.
Always apply a little, then fix with the UV lamp, in between put it in the UV nail lamp to harden so you do not have to grab sticky spots 😉

The end result … could be better, but not bad for the first try! To be honest, covering the circle was quite a lot of work so I would skip that when I make more.

I think I’ll hang some dolphins on the window as a wind chime! 🙂

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