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More easter bunnies

Small inspiration for the Easter box ? The rabbit heads are very cute and can be decorated with flowers and glasses that you can also craft with UV resin. Also on the picture there are the mixed inlays of the box ✨

Short instructions:

  1. mix thin UV resin with white pigment and pour it in the rabbit head mold
  2. distribute the UV resin – with opaque colours it’s important to make sure that there are no bubbles hiding – you can let it sit  while and afterwards pop the bubbles with the lighter
  3. Fix with the UV torch and let it cure for 3 minutes in the UV nail lamp
  4. turn the mold over and leave it for another 3 minutes in the UV nail lamp
  5. Pop it out of the mold and sand down eventual uneven edges with sandpaper
  6. Spread thin or thick clear UV resin on the bunny – if you take thin, make sure to keep the layer thin or the resin may  spill over the bunny!
  7. Decorations and rhinestones can be placed as desired
  8. Fix with the UV flashlight and harden under the nail lamp!

materials used:




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