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Rainbow letter I

The I of PIXIE is pretty colorful, and completely without pigment! ? The Rainbow Glitter style is easy to achieve with mixed glitter in different colors and thick UV resin. I particularly like the ‘frosted look’ – just sand the surface with finer sandpaper! ?

Short instructions:

  1. Mix thick UV resin with different colored glitter.
  2. (optional) You can thicken your UV resin by putting it in the fridge for some minutes.
  3. Add the different glittered resin in the silicone mold one by one.
  4. Cure it with the UV torch and let harden it completely in the UV nail lamp on both sides.
  5. Fill up the silicone mold with clear UV resin.
  6. Sand the glittered side a bit with finer sand paper (about 600 grit).

Used materials:


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