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Alice and the white rabbit

Who can tell – you start crafting a bezel, in between you discard your the initial concept, struggling which colors, glitter … and suddenly you do not like it anymore. But tastes are different and what you don’t like, someone else might find awesome. How different a bezel can look with a few changes, you can see in this series of pictures. At first, I wanted to keep the silhouettes of the rabbit and Alice transparent, but then I thought it was too bland. The glitter by itself was too big of a style break for me – that’s why I covered the background with white. Which version do you like best?

Short instructions:

  1. Mix UV resin with the pigments Strawberry and Mint. Mix Blue and White with UV resin to get a pastel Blue.
  2. Drop the colored resin with a toothpick in the bezel and spread it as needed.
  3. Cure with the UV flashlight and harden it in the nail lamp on both sides.
  4. Fill the Silhouettes with clear UV resin.
  5. (optional) Add iridescent colored glitter in the silhouettes and distribute it.
  6. Cure with the UV flashlight.
  7. (optional) Mix UV resin with White pigment.
  8. (optional) On the backside, cover the silhouettes with the with it.
  9. Cure with the UV flashlight and harden it in the nail lamp.
  10. Apply a clear coat on the front side and distribute it to the border. You can also use thick UV resin if your Alice watch should be puffy.
  11. Cure with the UV flashlight and harden it in the nail lamp.

Used materials:

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