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Water effect

After a long break we’re back with a guide to the water effect!
We will fill a little shell with the sea.

In my example today I will use a little different colours then most do for the water effect, a purple instead of a blue sea is certainly also very appealing
You can of course choose a different color as the base, but we always need the white pigment.

First, I mix a drop of purple with the UV resin. In a shell, the color layer is thicker than in a bezel, so try not to use too much pigment – the thicker the layer the darker the color.

II fill the shell with the colored resin. With a marine theme a few air bubbles fit well, so this time I do without the lighter to pop them.

I put the shell for 2 minutes in the UV nail lamp to cure.

An empty shell alone is a bit bland even with sea foam, therefore i use this as opportunity to show you how to work with clear films. These are not stickers but just printed plastic foils, you just cut out the desired motif and use it. I’ve decided on an Ariel (unmistakably) that I will use.

After I cut my Arielle, I mix a little more purple resin. If you put the film on colored resin, you see the contours much less.

Once again I distribute the colored layer evenly and gently lay the film on it while it is still liquid.

I fix it with the uv torch…

Now we mix the white for the sea foam. How prominent the sea foam becomes depends on how much white you mix in the resin. The more opaque, the more striking it will become. There are 2 ways to get the water effect easily:

  1. We mix thick resin with white for the layer
  2. We mix thin resin with white for the layer, spread it on the piece and then put it in the refrigerator for 10 minutes to make the resin more viscous

Which approach works better for you i can’t say, you have to try it out yourself! I do not like to wait so I use the thick resin

Now I distribute the white resin in a very thin layer in the shell.

Reminder: If you have used thin resin for the white layer -> off in the refrigerator

With a toothpick or, if you want to have even smaller drops, a needle, we let thin resin drip on the white layer. Due to the difference in consistency, the resin does not mix, but the drops displaces the white resin.

The layer effect that you see in the picture is because I tilt the shell back and forth, but that is not absolutely necessary.

VERY IMPORTANT: If you do not like the (still liquid) layer, then you can, because the bottom is cured, start anew by simply wiping it off with baby wipes. Baby wipes are also your first choice for removing liquid resin from hands and objects.

If you like the layer, then you can fix it with the UV torch and finish curing it in the UV nail lamp.

Water effects turn out always different. It’s worthwhile experimenting. Here are a few inspirations

By the way, you can use the technique differently too. Here I made a white layer and dripped different colored resin in it with only clear resin layer with glitter and metal inlays on top.

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