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Flower letter I

We continue with a flowery I. ? I have not worked much with dried flowers, it takes more practice (and probably patience) to arrange them beautifully and as free from bubbles as possible. The instructions include the steps I left out – they are marked with a *. Had I followed them, the flowers would not have floated up out of arrangement… ? Have you worked a lot with flowers?


Short instructions:

  1. Mix White Pigment with thin UV resin.
  2. Fill it in the silicone mold and spread it evenly.
  3. Cure it with the UV torch and let it harden in the UV nail lamp on both sides.
  4. Add a bit of clear UV resin. *
  5. Arrange the flowers as you like best.
  6. Cure with the UV torch. *
  7. Fill up the silicone mold with clear UV resin.
  8. Carefully press bubbles out of the leaves with a silicone tool.
  9. Cure with the UV torch.
  10. Let it harden completely in the UV nail lamp.
  11. Dome with thick UV resin.

There’s an article on how to ‘dome’ correctly here in the blog.

Used materials:

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