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Mica pearl pigments

Today I introduce you to our pearl pigments and show you how to work with them. For all pearl pigments: they make the resin opaque, so always cure on both sides and make thin layers. You are safe if you embed the pearl pigment layer between clear resin. These beautiful pigments can also be used with two part resin!

In our shop we have the following pearl pigments:

In the little jars the pearl pigments seem almost the same, but when you apply them on a dark surface, you immediately realise that they can not be more different!

Let’s start with the subtle pearl pigment, which is also part of the Deluxe Starter Kit. It’s not a mica pigment, so you’ll need to add a little more than the others to get the effect. Pure pearl pigment is bland, you should mix it with a color, I have used our green transparent pigment here.

You simply mix the pearl pigment into the resin until everything is evenly distributed. You can already see the effect of the pearl pigment.

I fill the colored resin into the metal frame, distribute it evenly and harden it.

It’s a very nice, subtle effect that can be used well as a background.

If you add another layer of clear resin, the effect will be even better! Since the frame was already full, I used our thick resin.

For the Mica pearl pigment silver I now use a little less. I also mix it with green, so you can see the difference in the effect better.

I mix the pigments in the resin until it is evenly distributed. You can already see that the coloured resin shines very intensively.

Again I simply fill it in a metal frame, spread and then cure it. It shines so brightly!

I coated it with our thick UV resin!

Our coloured Mica pearl pigments are more variable. They shimmer – these also need only a little amount.

For this result I only mixed the blue mica pearl pigment into the resin. It shimmers magically. 🙂

Depending on which base color you mix the pigment with, the effect is different. The darker the pigment, the better the effect, best on black. I’ll show you a tone on tone one: the blue mica pearl pigment with our blue transparent liquid pigment.

In the picture you can see the completely mixed resin. A blue shimmer on blue color. Looking great!

I filled the metal frame with the resin and then whirled it around in circles with my silicone tool.

Added a layer of clear thick resin.

Of course you do not have to stay in tone … here blue pigment with red mica pearl pigment.

You can also apply the Mica pigments directly on a colored background. I have already prepared a circle here and filled it with black dyed resin. You can apply the Mica Pigment either with a small sponge, like the one in the picture, or with our silicone tool (next picture).

In the picture you can see the applied pigment. You can now put a clear layer of resin over it …

…and cure it afterwards.

This technique also produces great effects and appears differently, depending on the color of the background.

To sum it up here’s an overview, the coloured pearl pigments mixed in clear resin (left in the circles) and right (heart) with each additionally white, pink, blue and black pigments mixed in.

Have fun experimenting with our pearl pigments!

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