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Tips and tricks for pigments

Working with pigments make DIY with UV resin so fun! You can tinker with countless colors and create wonderful jewelry and effects. Simply magical.
Our pigment is sealed. In the picture you see how far the color flows in the opening tip. You have to cut there to make the color flow out! Another way is to poke a hole in it with a needle from above!?

Our pigment is very rich in color! If you want a very light color, you achieve best results if you place a drop separate from the resin on baking paper and add only small amounts of pigment with a toothpick until you reach the shade you desire.
Please shake the bottle before usage!

For this example i used the whole drop and mixed it into the UV resin. It is a uniform and beautiful blue color. You should hold the toothpick a bit tilted! The slower you mix, the less bubbles you will get. If you are impatient like me (and mix too fast), you can distribute the the colored UV resin as flat at possible on the baking paper and then shortly hover a flame over it. This makes the bubbles pop. Remember that the temperature is enough, you don’t have to touch the UV resin with the flame! The UV resin doesn’t catch fire easily but pay attention if you use it.

Consider this: The thicker the layer the darker the color! Therefore especially if you want to craft globes (marbles) or cubes: less is more, especially if you want to see the enclosed objects! ?


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