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Glue on Bails

Since someone asked, we’ll explain what’s up with this mysterious item, which is also included in the Deluxe Starter Kit ?

A glue-on-bail! what’s the purpose of such a thing? You can turn your pieces to a pendant who don’t have a eyelet on their own. I turn the desired piece, and will fix the glue-on-bail with our thick resin.

A small drop is enough….

How to place the pendant so that it stays straight while curing depends a little on where you want to fix it. A good remedy is to hold the glue-on-bail into place and shine on it with the UV lamp. For this piece, I have put on the glue-on-bail on one side of the piece and push down the other side of it until it rests straight on the other side.

Now cure it with the UV light.

Now the glue-on-bail holds well.
You can see it shining through here, next time I’ll have to use more white pigment or cover the area, with a sticker for example

I would like to cover the back with resin as well. As the pendant no longer rests straight because the glue on bail protrudes, I help myself with a small tray put upside down. Now I have a straight surface to work again!

As usual, spread the thick resin all the way to the edge, fix it with a UV flashlight …

and cure it completely in the UV box

Now you can thread a chain through the new eyelet and wear your jewel

With glue-on-bails you are flexible how your piece will hang. You can place it in the middle like on this butterfly ….

or on a wing like here… what do you like better?

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