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Round metal frames

Many will wonder what to do with the round metal frames that I added to the cat box. Due to the simple shape, you can let your imagination run more freely, and with a glue-on-bail, it becomes a splendid pendant – @yukis_resindreams crafts one here with the material from the cat box! The cute stickers look great on the white background ?

Short instructions:

  1. Stick the metal frame on the tape.
  2. Mix White and Black pigment respectively with thin UV resin.
  3. Fill the metal frame with the white UV resin and make a thin layer which reaches the borders.
  4. Drop-in black UV resin with a needle.
  5. Cure with the UV torch and harden it completely with the UV nail lamp (front and back).
  6. Apply the stickers.
  7. Fill the bezel with clear UV resin.
  8. Cure with the UV torch.
  9. Finish curing it in the UV nail lamp.

Instructions on how to apply a glue-on-bail are also available in our blog.

Used materials:

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