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Thick or thin?

Thin UV resin is particularly suitable for very thin layers and spreads by itself in narrow and filigree shapes and bezels. With the thick UV resin, you can easily create dome effects. For thicker layers, this creates very aesthetic magnification effects. Depending on the situation, choose the right resin to achieve the best results.

For example, if I want a rainbow effect with glitter like in the picture, you need the resin to stay put. Therefore, a thick resin should be used or you won’t get the effect. If you work with flowers instead, a thick resin is better suited because it permeates the flower better and the bubbles rise easier.

In the video you can see the thin dripping from the silicone tool, the thick instead holds on to it! You can influence the viscosity further by the temperature, a warm water bath makes the resin thinner, and the refrigerator thicker! Have fun experimenting!

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